Too Many Rivers, Too Many Trees

There’s too many rivers, my friend

Too many streams, from end to end

Who needs them, anyway, spoiling the view

Random wallabies, homeless wanderers, just a few

They don’t mean much, never be missed

How’re they productive, wandering in the mist

Don’t contribute a dime, not a solitary bean

If they need water, who’ll hear them scream

But I need water, one solitary stream

Keep it simple, a torrent for my scheme

Cos I’m making money, hand over fist

Got some premiers, climbing on my list

I give capital, jobs, backhanders and dosh

Thirty seven thousand cattle, feeding the unwashed

I’m the man, the boss, the one you can’t ignore

Divert those rivers, you prick, into my thirsty bore

There’s too many trees, you bark-hugging jerk