The World's Not Going Crazy

The world’s going crazy, they say

Insanity’s growing worse, day by day

Lies, abuse, corrupt, terrible things

Once-nice leaders, now indulgent kings

But I don’t agree, one little bit

And you gasp, “The world’s gone to shit!”

“No,” I say, smiling, letting you calm

“It’s no worse. There’s no more harm.

There’s never not been slavery, brutal and coercion

This is just the ‘new, improved’ version

Of a world that went before

Same old daftness, like the days of yore

It is insane, I have to agree

But when did insanity ever flee?

It’s never been not-here, my friend

Abuse and lies, beginning to end

We chip at the sick old world

Flailing and fixing till our heads are swirled

Making a difference, a battle cry of ages

Hoping for fame, like all the sages