Moving From Piscean Greed To Aquarian Giving

I Can’t Get No Satisfaction, by the Rolling Stones, was voted as the most influential song of the 20th century. A more fitting anthem for our past 2,000 years could not have been found for what has driven us is our irrepressible need for more … more money, more fame, more sex, more success, more toys, more assets, more fun, more information, more of whatever everyone else has. None of it satisfied us.

Over the last 100 years, our insatiability has stripped the planet of 50% of the forests, 43% of animals and 30% of the earth’s minerals. Those figures are probably irrelevant if you’re buying your sixteenth pair of Gucci shoes, your coffee and coconut milk or your third overseas holiday this year.

Our consumptive war on the planet doesn’t seem like a war but it is for, like all wars, there are victors and vanquished. In this case, the victor is you and the vanquished are your grandchildren.

Before humans became disconnected from their planet, from the seasons and the cycles of nature, the planet was in a happy stasis. Trees breathed in our carbon dioxide and we breathed in their oxygen and all was a simple cycle of goodness for all. Animals fed on each other and the ones at the end of the food chain fed on the bodies at the start of the chain. There was a natural predator for every species of plants and animals and only the sick of each species died.

Then we entered the Piscean Era, with two fish swimming in opposite directions to each other … jealously eyeing each other’s assets, in opposition to everyone we pass … if you’ve got it, I want it … having it doesn’t make me happy so I need more off someone else … and, so often, that someone else is someone we don’t know – Mother Earth herself or groups of strangers in a strange land we have no business being in.