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Are you feeling overwhelmed?

Help is here for you

The world is a crazy, fickle and unfair place. If you're finding it difficult to cope, I can help through:

* One-on-one coaching

* Courses  and

* Books

Click on the Contact page here and you're on your way to more clarity, control and peace 

Do you want to make more of a difference?

Help is here for you

* You are not here for nothing.

* You have not experienced your particular life for nothing.

* There is something - maybe many things - you're here to give to others.

If you're not sure what that mission is or you're not sure how to activate it, I can help.

Click on the contact page here and you'll be on your way to a life lived large!

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The Soul Law Way

Listening to and acting on the Law of our Souls

The world is in disarray and it's changing beyond anything we can recognise. This website - and the books and courses - are to help you negotiate from the competitive Piscean Age (Red Yang Period) into the community-minded Aquarian Age (White Yang Period).

Apart from books and courses, I am running Transformation Coaching (for individuals),  groups for you to connect with SoulWay people and help others navigate these confusing times.

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The Saviour is You

You are here NOW

This is a MUCH bigger story to tell ... one that I've always known but kept quiet about ... perhaps not believing my Inner Voice. However, it came to me in a rush, just now, and I'll tell you the condensed version.

This is not a time to be looking for saviours - Jesus, Donald Trump, Riccardo Bosi, psychics and other "experts" giving us future hope. That time is over.

Now is a time to look inside, be inside, be now, and get to know the certainty of our inner wisdom.

Yes, fall into the support and love of other good humans - that is essential. However, we need to realise the only saviour coming is already here. That saviour is you and you are not arriving. You are already here. You are already NOW. Take a little time to listen, take a lot of time to listen ... whatever it takes, wherever, whenever, however ... stop the outside chatter and listen to that Quiet Voice that always speaks second, after the chatter stops.

That Quiet Voice is your saviour. It is everyone's saviour for, indeed, there is only One Voice. Please give that Voice space and respect for that, and only that, is your true guiding light.

I wish you peace. <3

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My Story in brief

Transformation Coach & Writer

A writer of 18 books (to date), business coach, grief councilor and transformation coach, my mission is to give hope and guidance in a world apparently gone wrong, though it hasn't, actually. There's a plan and a pattern for us all to see and I hope to bring you that here.

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